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Jeff Johnson grew up in Las Cruces, New Mexico, and although he attended church every Sunday with his family, his place in the whole religion and Christian music thing didn't really take hold until much later when he was a junior at Texas Tech University in Lubbock, Texas, when he attended a Christian music festival in Austin, Texas. Transformed by what he heard, Johnson began to play keyboard in church bands and gave up his idea of attending seminary school. Graduating with a degree in finance and computers, he moved to Dallas to find work in his field, while also playing piano at worship services at the nearby 121 Community Church. In 2003 he made the commitment to music full-time, quitting his job and putting a band and a debut album together. Johnson was a contestant on the fourth season of the television show American Idol in 2005, which further increased his visibility and fan base. A second album by the Jeff Johnson Band, Glorious Day, appeared in 2007, and the group continued to headline worship sessions at churches, conferences, and festivals with its intelligent mix of praise & worship material and rock and pop melodies and arrangements. ~ Steve Leggett

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