About Jessica Pratt

West Coast-based singer/songwriter Jessica Pratt emerged from the ether with a distinctive introverted folk style on her 2012 self-titled debut. The album consisted of mostly low-key recordings of Pratt's voice and simple acoustic guitar accompaniment, recalling both obscure psych-folk artists like Sibylle Baier and more well-known stargazing folk-rockers like David Crosby or Joni Mitchell. Based in San Francisco at the time, Pratt's debut was released by her friend Tim Presley of the band White Fence, on a label he started solely to release her music. Some songs had actually been put to tape years earlier, sitting dormant until an album came together around them. The release was instantly taken to by critics and listeners alike, with initial pressings selling out immediately. Pratt went on to grow in critical acclaim and general audience, touring around the world on her own and in support of bands like Real Estate and Julia Holter. Her second album, On Your Own Love Again, appeared in January of 2015 on Drag City.


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