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Jim Boggia first started learning to play the guitar when he was only five years old. Performing live or in a studio in Philadelphia, PA, Boggia performed his better talent alongside names such as Juliana Hatfield, Jill Sobule, or Amanda Marshall before deciding to make it on his own. Along with his superior guitar handling and a melodious and distinguished voice, Boggia ultimately follows the best of songwriting inspiring tradition. Influenced by pure pop legends like the Beatles, Simon & Garfunkel, or Brian Wilson, Boggia entirely focuses on the path and ways to bring up the best features within his remarkable song handling and orchestrations. Following the decision to make it on his own, Boggia then concentrated on recording his first disc. Fidelity Is the Enemy, his first full-length album, hit record stores in 2001, getting considerable acclaim not only from the media, but also from a growing multitude of fans. Misadventures in Stereo followed in 2008. ~ Mario Mesquita Borges

Flint, MI

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