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The legendary saxophonist Jim Horn was born and raised in sunshine filled Los Angeles, CA. He began performing before crowds at his own junior high school dances. While still in his teens and in school, he started to get gigs at local nightclubs, sitting in with whatever band would welcome him. Though Elvis was king at the time, it was artists like Clifford Scoot and Hank Crawford who held the young Jim Horn's interest; an interest that is reflected in his early musical stylings with the sax.
Jim Horn began to climb the steps to musical fame in the early '60s, working with guitarist Duane Eddy. Each performance was like a stepping stone, leading Horn onward to the next pinnacle. Before long, award-winning artists were asking for him by name and allowing him solo spots on some of their tunes.
If you're thinking that you have never heard much of Jim Horn's music, you are probably wrong. Over the years he has played saxophone on stage and on hit recordings for numerous outstanding artists, including Air Supply, Paul McCartney, Fifth Dimension, Garth Brooks, the Beach Boys, John Lennon, Diana Ross, the Carpenters, Rita Coolidge, Frank Sinatra, the Mamas and the Papas, Elton John, Stevie Wonder, Ronnie Milsap, U2, Vince Gill, Wynonna, Barbra Streisand, Christopher Cross, Tina Turner, the Rolling Stones, and far too many more to name.
In 1972, Horn got the chance to record a solo debut album of his own, Through the Eyes of a Horn. It was released under the Shelter Records label, along with an album simply titled Jim's Horn. Later he moved to the major Warner Brother Records label to finish a couple more albums, Neon Nights and Work It Out. Horn has also recorded two tribute albums, Jim Horn: A Beatle Tribute and A Tribute to John Denver. Horn finished two albums for 1999, both under the Rhythm Records label. One is Christmas With Jim Horn, the other is titled The HIT List. This last album is filled with great memorable tunes like "Ride Like the Wind," "Good Vibrations," "Delta Lady," and "Summer Breeze." ~ Charlotte Dillon

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