Jochen Distelmeyer

From 1990 to 2007, Jochen Distelmeyer fronted one of Germany's premiere indie rock bands. Named after a Kafka short story, Blumfeld made music that was experimental, political, and -- in contrast to many bands from the same era -- performed almost entirely in German. As a result, Blumfeld was considered one of the founders of the Hamburger Schule, a musical movement characterized by a grungy, experimental sound and socially critical lyrics.

Blumfeld's sound changed directions during the band's career, earning comparisons to Pavement during the early days and taking on a pop-friendly sheer during the 2000s. When the group broke up in 2007, Distelmeyer launched his own career, making his solo debut with the release of 2009's Heavy. ~ Andrew Leahey

    Bielefeld, Germany
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