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About John Thomas Griffith

Singer/songwriter John Thomas Griffith made a name for himself by fronting the hard rock country band Cowboy Mouth. Together since 1990, Griffith and Cowboy Mouth issued seven albums throughout the decade and played gigs alongside Barenaked Ladies and Hootie & the Blowfish. Before his time with Cowboy Mouth, Griffith had already established himself as a seasoned musician. He was a key member of Red Rockers until 1987; the band was moderately successful and earned props on MTV with their 1983 hit "China." His solo career shaped up quickly after Red Rockers' demise in 1987 with Griffith issuing the heavy, guitar-driven Son of an Engineer a year later. His Cowboy Mouth responsibilities kept him busy until the new millennium; however, Griffith found time to follow-up with a long-awaited sophomore effort. Aluminum, considered Griffith's most honest work yet, was released in fall 2001. ~ MacKenzie Wilson

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