Joshua Ryan

Talented DJ, remixer, and producer Joshua Ryan was born in Sicily but later moved to the United States. He has released a few singles for the Slinkey Records label and completed a number of strong remixes for artists like the Coffee Boys, the X Cabs, and Paul Grogan. Ryan has also landed DJ gigs all over the United States.

Motivated by electronic techno bands like Leftfield and P.I.L., Ryan began to practice passionately on a Yamaha RX-7 drum machine and a Casio CZ-5000 that had belonged to his brother. It took time, but the practice began to pay off.

Ryan's commendable debut single, "Hush," was released under the Slinkey Records label, a sublabel of Rampant. In 1998, he recorded "Don't Look Back" with three mixes to pick from. The next year, Fragrant Records released his smash "Pistolwhip." The Pistolwhip album earned Ryan a recording contract with Fragrant Records as well as a spot at #29 on the UK pop charts. American fans finally got a taste of his electric trance early 2003 when Ryan issued By Design. ~ Charlotte Dillon

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