U.K. producer Paul Frankland is best known for his recordings as Woob for the popular Nottingham-based ambient dub label Em:t Recordings. Frankland is also signed to Ninja Tune subsidiary Ntone as Journeyman, a project that has produced a pair of full-length recordings to date. Mama 6, the first of those, was among Ntone's first releases; available only on CD, it featured a heady blend of alternately house-y and downtempo beats, lush electronics, and quixotic samples, and it quickly went out of print. 1997's National Hijinx benefitted from Ninja Tune's growing prosperity by receiving a much larger pressing and availability on both vinyl and CD. The album also swapped out the rhythmic lope of the debut on several tracks for a quasi-junglist sensibility, although even the uptempo cuts manage to remain just as calm and reposed. [See Also: Woob] ~ Sean Cooper

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