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Drawing inspiration from a wide range of eclectic sources, brazen songwriter/singer Just Loud created a sound that paired his passionate approach to songwriting with nostalgic nods to '80s electropop production.

Born in 1990 in Suffolk, Virginia, the artist grew up in a deeply religious family with strong connections to a small country church. Always rebellious and seeking more, he cut ties with the church at age 15 and left for New York to pursue music. Ultimately, he would ink a deal with Five Seven Music and work with producer Dave "Sluggo" Katz, who had collaborated on productions with hitmakers like Katy Perry.

Over the course of several sessions, the creative pair came up with the four songs featured on Just Loud's debut EP, Episode 1. The songs highlighted the various elements of Just Loud's confident style, combining falsetto R&B vocals, neon '80s synth lines, and huge pop production. Not shy about wearing its influences proudly, the EP included a cover of Radiohead's breakthrough hit "Creep." ~ Fred Thomas

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