Katagory V

Salt Lake City prog-metal group Katagory V were one of those bands whose debut work created quite a buzz, but internal and external forces threatened to undermine all of their hard work. Formed in 1999, Katagory V was the coming together of guitarist Curtis Morrell and bassist Dustin Mitchell. The two added drummer Matt Suiter, guitarist Ryan Taylor, and vocalist Lynn Allers. In 2000, the band entered the studio to record their first album, Present Day, which would hit stores in 2002 as an independent release. As the writing of the follow-up album commenced, the band lost guitarist Ryan Taylor (who would be replaced once recording of the album was completed by Trevor Asire) and delays in the release of said album would start to put strain upon the band. Eventually -- finally -- in January of 2004, the album (A New Breed of Rebellion) was ready to go. The band decided not to let go of the momentum, and chose a new recording regimen to performance, and completed their next album, The Rising Anger, in 2005. Released in 2006, it was followed up in 2008 by the Nightmare Records' released Hymns of Dissension. ~ Chris True

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