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Known for her hazy, overcast, melancholy pop and penchant for putting out releases on four-track cassette, Katie von Schleicher is a Brooklyn-based singer/songwriter. Channeling the bittersweet, sun-fueled feel of the '70s combined with the melancholic melodies of acts such as Emma Ruth Rundle and Melody's Echo Chamber, von Schleicher's first material surfaced in 2012 with Silent Days, a bright, bluesy release with tight-knit production recorded over three days at the Soul Shop, an all-analog recording studio in Medford, Massachusetts. However, it was her sophomore effort -- a result of her experiences interning at Ba Da Bing Records in Brooklyn -- that began to turn heads. After label owner Ben Goldberg suggested that she put together a cassette for Ba Da Bing to release, she took the task to heart and handed in an entirely self-produced and engineered mini-album, entitled Bleaksploitation, in 2015. A couple years in the making, the release boasted seven tracks made up of swirling, dark lo-fi pop, laden with lyrics about paranoia, anxiety, and unrequited love. The record boasted an altogether darker and far more different sound palette than its predecessor; the slower tempos, fuzzy overdriven guitars, buried percussion, and von Schleicher's forlorn, drenched-in-reverb vocals garnered widespread acclaim, with many critics commending her for her bold approach to raw, emotional songwriting. With the success of Bleaksploitation, von Schleicher got to work on its follow-up. Her debut full-length and third release overall, Shitty Hits arrived in the summer of 2017, once again via Ba Da Bing Records. ~ Rob Wacey

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