Ken Camden

Chicago-based spectral wanderer Ken Camden got his start in the '90s playing guitar for groups like Arco Flute Foundation, Meisha, and eventually the Implodes Sound Quartet (more commonly known as simply Implodes). His instrumental solo work is a mesh of his distinctive guitar playing and layers of synthesizer textures which often sound like sitars, resulting in drone-oriented electronica that calls to mind the earliest rhythm-less Krautrock experiments of Cluster, Neu!, and Ash Ra Tempel, as well as the warm, melodic computer music of Laurie Spiegel. His solo debut, Lethargy & Repercussion, was issued on Kranky in 2010, and was followed by the densely cosmic Space Mirror in 2013. Camden's astral voyage continued with the release of his third solo album, Dream Memory, in 2015. ~ Fred Thomas

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