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Australia's Kilbey Kennedy is a collaboration between the Church lead singer Steve Kilbey and All India Radio instrumentalist Martin Kennedy. Formed in 2009, the duo make atmospheric, electronic-tinged pop/rock influenced by their shared love of '70s sci-fi, '60s psychedelia, and '70s Krautrock and prog rock. Originally, the idea for the collaboration came in 2005 on the heels of Kennedy releasing his solo album Big Spaceship on the Karmic Hit label, which was run by Kilbey's brother, John. The Church frontman heard the album and floated the idea of working on a project. With Kennedy handling most of the instrumental duties and Kilbey supplying lyrics and melodies, they debuted with 2009's Unseen Music Unheard Words. More albums followed including 2011's White Magic, 2013's You Are Everything, and 2015's Inside We Are the Same. In 2017, Kilbey Kennedy delivered the expansive Glow & Fade, which featured the single "We Are Still Waiting." ~ Matt Collar

Melbourne, Australia

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