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The Killer Dwarfs performed a style of music that can be labeled something like pop meets metal meets arena rock. The Juno-winning group formed in 1982 in Ontario, Canada. Members included lead singer Russell Graham; drummer and singer Darrell Millar; guitarists Bryce Trewin, Gerry Finn, and Mike Hall; and bassists Angelo "Ange" Fodero and "Bad" Ronald Mayer. During the '80s and '90s, the Killer Dwarfs recorded a number of singles and albums, working under labels like Epic, Sony, Attic, and Maze. Around 1993, no longer under contract and financially running on empty, the bandmembers moved on to other music ventures.

Only a year after its formation, the Killer Dwarfs saw their self-titled debut album hit store shelves. It took three years for a sophomore offering, Stand Tall, to follow. During those years, the band lost two members, Fodero and Trewin, who were replaced by Hall and Mayer. There were other big changes, too, like the giving up of a record contract and a move to the Maze Records label. The group spent time touring through its Canadian homeland, and crossed over into the United States to a new crop of fans. When the band's music videos landed on MTV, Epic Records soon took notice.

In between a heavy touring schedule, the Killer Dwarfs completed three more albums over the next four years; Big Deal, Dirty Weapons, and Method to the Madness. One of the singles from that last album, "It Doesn't Matter," won the group a coveted Juno Award. It was too little too late, though, and things soon fell apart.

In 1998, the group's debut album was reissued, and plans were put underway to gather up a number of old live recordings and place them on one album for fans to enjoy. Some of the tunes the Killer Dwarfs are probably best remembered for are "All That We Dream," "Last Laugh," "Keep the Spirit Alive," "Stand Tall," "Give and Take," "Stranger Than Fiction," and "Hard Luck Town." ~ Charlotte Dillon

    Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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