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Formed in 2005, with a couple of singles under their belts early on, the duo Kimaguren (Kurei Yuuki and Iseki Yasumasa, both originally from Zushi, Kanagawa, but spending time in Singapore and New York before returning to their homes) moved around the basic J-Pop scene a bit, putting out an independent single with little fanfare in 2005 and a mini-album in 2007 before joining a larger label, Under Horse. With 2008's re-release of the minor hit "Life" from the mini-album, the band suddenly found themselves at superstar status, with widespread music video and radio rotation, a number one slot on the Oricon charts for the single as well as the attendant full-length album, and even usage of the song for a "train approaching" signal in Kanagawa. The band had entirely ignored the drama and balladry that J-Pop had been slowly building up in a move to be taken more seriously, and made good with a simple pop ditty about their love of life. ~ Adam Greenberg

Zushi, Kanagawa, Japan

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