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Formed in New York in 1969 by a trio of keyboard players (Ron Altback, Sherman Kelly, and Davy "Doc" Robinson), along with Ed Tuleja (guitar), Tony Cahill (bass), Rod Novak (saxophone), and David Montgomery (drums), King Harvest really found its stride overseas in Paris in 1970, returning to the states to sign with the small Perception Records in 1972. The band's first single on Perception, a song called "Dancing in the Moonlight," went Top 20 on the pop charts in 1973, and has remained an endearing and enduring rock station staple ever since. The original group recorded a single album, Dancing in the Moonlight, but was unable to repeat the chart success of its first single. A new version of the band formed in 1976, signed with A&M Records, and issued another album, simply called King Harvest, but called it quits shortly after it was released. King Harvest: The Lost Tapes appeared years later in 2007, and the band reunited for its first concert in 40 years in the summer of 2012. Robinson passed away the following December. ~ Steve Leggett

New York, NY

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