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About Knorkator

A highly satirical and comedic industrial metal act (all the while paying lip service to the more theatrical aspects of metal, including the over the top vocals and arrangements), Germany's Knorkator were the self-described "Deutschlands meiste Band der Welt," or "Germany's most band in the world" to give one a glimpse into their operating sense of humor. They formed in 1994, but kept to the Berlin area for the first chunk of their career. They would release two albums, 1997 The Schlechtst of Knorkator and 1999's Hasenchartbreaker, before getting their first real bit of national -- and Continental European for that matter -- exposure with their entry into the 2000 Eurovision Song Contest, "Ick wer zun Schwein" (or, in English, "I'm Turning Into a Pig"). That same year, Knorkator would follow up with another full-length, Tribute to Uns Selbst. More albums would follow, including 2002's High Mud Leader, 2003's Ich Hasse Musik, and 2007's Das Nächste Album Aller Zeiten, before the bandmembers made the announcement that they would be calling it quits in 2008. Their retirement would prove to be short-lived, though, and seeing the hole their absence had left, Knorkator decided to re-form in 2011. The new new lineup, which featured vocalist Stumpen, guitarist Buzz Dee, keyboardist Alf Ator, drummer Nick Aragua, and bassist Rajko Gohlke, began touring and working on new material, with an album, Es Werde Nicht, arriving later that year. Aragua left the band the following year, with drummer Sebastian Meyer stepping in to keep time for the band. ~ Chris True

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