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A Detroit, Michigan-based electro-industrial unit led by Canadian producers Elizabeth Graham and Reginald Tiessen, Konqistador draw inspiration from a wide array of artists and genres. Employing a sinister blend of ethno-darkwave, goth, post-punk, and glitched synth/drum and bass-heavy industrial rock, the group was founded in 2005. Accompanied by an eclectic group of producers and engineers that span the globe, the band has operated out of multiple exotic locales, including Melbourne, Sydney, Istanbul, and Bucharest -- the music and culture of Northern Europe and the Middle East features prominently in their work. Konqistador released their debut album, Courage Riot, in 2006, with the Electriker EP arriving in 2007. 2012 saw the release of the ambitious, multi-format full-length Suada. A pair of EPs, Count to Zero and Sex the Cut, arrived in 2015 and 2016, respectively. In 2017, the band began unveiling the first round of singles from their forthcoming covers LP, which included takes on material from the likes of Bauhaus, Sisters of Mercy, Ministry, and more. ~ James Christopher Monger

Detroit, MI

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