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About Kurt Krömer

German comedian Kurt Krömer translated his absurdist sensibilities and nerdish image into surprising mainstream success. Born in Berlin on November 20, 1974, Krömer was the stereotypical class clown, and from his teen years forward fixated on a career in comedy. He later studied theater, and after several years honing his standup act in virtual anonymity, he began attracting a cult following during a 1995 residency at Berlin's Chamäleon Varieté, embraced most fervently by the punk community. As the decade drew to a close, Krömer was a fixture on the television talk show circuit in addition to headlining the famed Quatsch Comedy Club. In 2000, he earned top honors at the annual Köln Comedy Festival, and in 2003 received his own network television showcase, Die Kurt Krömer Show. A second series, Bei Krömers, premiered in 2005; a year later, Krömer also issued a best-selling comedy LP, Na Du Alte Kackbratze! ~ Jason Ankeny

Berlin, Germany
Nov 20, 1974

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