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La Musica Della Mafia is the name given to a collective of Calabrian Mafia musicians that wrote and recorded Il Canto Di Malavita.

The group started as vigilantes that viewed themselves protectors of their fellow Italian natives.

Fighting against the corrupt, monarchic rule that overcame them at the time, the music is an angry and vivid document of a lifestyle that thrived on unspoken rules and values about the treatment of Calabria's people.

Never played outside the circle of criminals and family members that lived this lifestyle for years, this folk music was eventually recorded at various points in history when a brave enough singer committed them to record, or a fellow Mafia member recorded it for a limited group of insiders.

Originally released in May of 2000 in Germany, European critics reacted strongly to the music and helped make it a phenomenon throughout the continent.

Coming to America in 2002, the album was a fascinating document of crime and honor throughout the 20th Century as seen through the eyes of genuine criminals. ~ Bradley Torreano