Lab Coast

Lab Coast are a Canadian lo-fi indie rock group specializing in short, hooky pop songs. Their tunes typically have gently hypnotic rhythms as well as hazy effects and instrumentation that suggest a form of psych-pop, but the vocals and melodies are clear and up-front, and they largely avoid excessive soloing. The directness of the group's songcraft is surprising, given the fact that the group's co-founders, Chris Dadge (owner of Bug Incision Records) and David Laing, also create experimental music and free improvisation as part of the Bent Spoon Trio. Lab Coast began in 2008, and the Calgary-based duo released the CD-R album Wilding in 2010, as well as a split 7" EP with Extra Happy Ghost. The duo continued recording, sometimes with other musicians, and they began performing live as a five-piece band with a revolving lineup. Lab Coast tapes appeared on Eggy Records and Night People, and the group shared a split 7" with Friendo. The full-length Walking on Air was released by Mammoth Cave in 2014. Following a 2015 split tape with Diamond Mind, Lab Coast's Remember the Moon album appeared on Wyatt Records in 2016. The limited cassette In Real Life, containing tracks recorded live on Calgary college radio station CJSW, was released by the band in 2017. Also that year, British label Faux Discx (which issued Lab Coast's split EP with Friendo) released a self-titled compilation summing up the band's output to date. ~ Paul Simpson

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