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About Lets Get Out Of This Terrible Sandwich Shop

Initially the solo project of Second City's Tony Mendoza but eventually expanding to include other Chicago-based improv veterans like Joanna Beuse, Thea Lux, and Tom Vale, the self-dubbed "goof-pop" group Let's Get Out of This Terrible Sandwich Shop (often abbreviated as LGOOTTSS) started formulating with their brand of Apples in Stereo-meets-They Might Be Giants indie pop in the early 2000s. The band garnered quite a bit of local attention, for better or worse, thanks to their distinctive name, snatching a spot on the Onion AV Club's "Best Worst Band Names Encountered This Year" a month before their self-titled debut EP was released in January 2006. The band was picked up by Roydale Records soon after, and their debut album, Listen, was released on that label the following year. ~ Margaret Reges

Chicago, IL

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