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One of the several names under which the prolific LeRoy Burgess recorded, the short-lived Logg spawned a small handful of post-disco classics that fed directly into house, helping solidify Burgess' role as one of the unintentional instigators of house music. The underground dance-music legend already had a number of feathers in his cap -- most notably with Black Ivory and as a valued session hand -- just after the early 1981 release of "Let's Do It" as Convertion. Burgess and the remainder of the Convertion family (producer Greg Carmichael, bassist James Calloway, drummers Sonny T. Davenport and Trevor Gale, guitarist Sonny DeGraffenreid, keyboardist Fred McFarlane, percussionist Willis Long, and background vocalists Renee J.J. Burgess and Dorothy Terrell) intended to keep going as a unit, but Sam Weiss, owner of the label that released "Let's Do It" (SAM), had the copyright of the group's name and reached an impasse with Burgess on a deal for further releases. Burgess moved the group over to Salsoul and, re-named by Carmichael as Logg, they quickly cut the phenomenal single "I Know You Will," had it mixed by the great Larry Levan, and had it out in the shops two weeks after its recording. The song did very well in clubs, and Logg quickly recorded an album's worth of material and released it as a self-titled Salsoul LP by the end of 1981. After all was said and done, almost all of the album's six songs received extensive play in the clubs. Though Logg was put to rest after the album, Burgess continued his fruitful career throughout the early 2000s. ~ Andy Kellman

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