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Latin rock band from Uruguay Los Buitres was formed by the end of the '80s after Los Estómagos broke up. Singer and harmonica player Gabriel Peluffo, guitarist Gustavo Parodi, drummer Marcelo Lasso, and bassist José Rambao debuted with an album called Buitres Después De La Una, followed by La Bruja. Los Buitres' chance to reach a major audience came while performing as an opening act to the Cult at Montevideo's Rock Festival II. In 1992, the group released their first two videos, based on their songs "Una Vez Más" and "La Ultima Canción." In October of 1993, Maraviya was released and presented live at Verano theatre. During the '90s Los Buitres was one of the most active Uruguayan rock bands, having the opportunity to perform in Argentina and having their videos "Calaveratur" and "Del Cardal" rotated by MTV Latino. In 1998, after drummer Irvin Carballo joined in, Rantifusa was released. ~ Drago Bonacich

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