Los Colognes

Genre-bending, Nashville-based outfit Los Colognes make literate, jam-friendly '70s style rock steeped in the country tradition but owing a heavy debt to classic acts like Fleetwood Mac, the Grateful Dead, and Dire Straits. Formed around 2012, Los Colognes came together after longtime Chicago cohorts singer/guitarist Jay Rutherford and drummer Aaron "Mort" Mortenson relocated to Nashville. In the process, they convinced fellow Chicagoite/bassist Gordon Persha to follow suit, and eventually added keyboardists Micah Hulscher and Chuck Foster, and guitarist Wojtek Krupka. Together, they began crafting twangy, jam-oriented arrangements to Rutherford's insightful, somewhat sardonic songs. It was a sound they debuted on 2013's highly regarded Working Together. The album caught on locally and, along with the group's vibrant live shows, helped build their following. Dos followed two years later, and featured engineering by Billy Bennett (The Whigs, MGMT, Drive-By Truckers). In 2017, Los Colognes delivered their third full-length, Wave, on Big Deal/Thirty Tigers. ~ Matt Collar

    Nashville, TN

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