LUH is the sonic and artistic consummation between ex-WU LYF vocalist Ellery James Roberts and Dutch artist Ebony Hoorn. Roberts and Hoorn met in Manchester, England in 2013, and immediately connected with each other. They went on to spend a few months in Thailand, where Hoorn came up with their moniker, which is an acronym for "lost under heaven." Returning to Hoorn's home in Amsterdam, they began creating. In 2014, they released their first song, "Unites," a shimmering indie rock track featuring Roberts' hoarse shouting backed by Hoorn's cool detached vocals. They were quickly signed to Mute Records and started work on their debut album. Spiritual Songs for Lovers to Sing was recorded in May 2015 in England and was produced by Bobby Krlic (aka the Haxan Cloak), whose ominous atmospherics buffered Roberts and Hoorn's passionate arrangements. LUH released a teaser on BitTorrent late that year, which included artwork, their creative manifesto, and a pair of singles: the '90s alt-tinged "Lost Under Heaven" and non-album track "Angels Sing." The LP was eventually released in May 2016. Spiritual Songs featured 12 tracks arranged in a song cycle based on the constant loop of what Roberts described as impulse, experience, and enlightenment. The raw-soothing vocal interplay combined with a steadily increasing intensity that created a grand, lush sound on songs like "Beneath the Concrete" and "$ORO." That year, LUH embarked on a world tour in support of the album, backed by Steven Hermitt (drums) and Oliver Cooper ("machines"). ~ Neil Z. Yeung

    Amsterdam, The Netherlands