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About Lullaby for the Working Class

Lullaby for the Working Class hails from Nebraska and combines the '90s chamber pop sounds of Lambchop and Tindersticks and the country-rock stylings of Gram Parsons. Originally the band started out as a two-piece with Mike Mogis and Ted Stevens, both singer/songwriter musicians. To make the band complete, AJ Mogis (bass) and Shane Aspegren (drums) joined Lullaby for the Working Class and shortly thereafter the band inked a deal with Bar-None Records while making themselves noticed at various gigs in and around N.Y.C., specifically at the CMJ Music Festival. Their 1996 debut Blanket Warm was critically acclaimed, making ways for fellow Nebraska bands (Commander Venus, Norman Baylor, We'd Rather Be Flying) to venture outside the cornhusker state. A sophomore effort I Never Even Asked for Light followed in 1997 and Song was released two years later. ~ MacKenzie Wilson


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