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About Mac DeMarco

Arriving with a signature sound of wobbly, heavily chorused guitar and an oddly alluring laid-back jokester charm, Canadian Mac DeMarco became somewhat of an indie sensation with the 2012 release of his mini-LP Rock and Roll Night Club and subsequent album 2, both via the Captured Tracks label. Having previously made some smaller waves leading the Vancouver-based noise rock outfit Makeout Videotape, DeMarco rose fully into the international indie radar in Montreal, where he began his solo career. His strange mix of slacker pop, jazz, '70s soft rock, and glam vaulted him even further into the spotlight with his breakout 2014 follow-up, Salad Days, which was shortlisted for Canada's esteemed Polaris Prize. Subsequent moves to New York and Los Angeles each yielded quality releases on which the multi-instrumentalist DeMarco is known for playing and recording all of the parts himself.

DeMarco first emerged from complete obscurity under the moniker Makeout Videotape. Immediately after finishing high school in the summer of 2008, DeMarco moved from his hometown of Edmonton to the warmer climes of Vancouver and self-released Heat Wave, a collection of songs he wrote and recorded while bored and listless in his new surroundings. The limited run of CDs soon sold out, and Makeout Videotape ambled into the live performance realm with the inclusion of additional players Alex Calder and Jen Clement. The band quickly gained regional recognition, signing to Unfamiliar Records and going on tour with labelmates Japandroids in the fall of 2009.

Makeout Videotape continued to perform locally and regionally as well as release new songs both digitally and physically throughout the next few years. DeMarco also began assembling a bevy of strangely psychedelic videos in this time, all baffling, and some even pertaining to the band. In an abrupt switch-up, early 2012 saw DeMarco releasing the mini-album Rock and Roll Night Club under his own name on new label Captured Tracks. While not completely divorced from the jangly, glazed-over pop of Makeout Videotape, the new set of songs had a darker tone, and vague themes of androgyny and late-night loneliness shared space on the set list with goofy Ween-like moments. Mere months after Rock and Roll Night Club, the more cohesive and somewhat more adult follow-up 2 appeared. Critics and music lovers alike took to DeMarco's sound and he spent much of the following year on tour and in performance before releasing his next album, Salad Days, in the spring of 2014.

DeMarco's popularity grew immensely with constant international touring, leading to the commercial release of the demos for both 2 and Salad Days. Following a lengthy tour supporting his breakout LP, DeMarco returned to his seaside home in Queens to record the mini-LP Another One, which arrived in August 2015. Like several of his previous releases, Another One was quickly followed by an accompanying release, this time in the form of the instrumental self-described "BBQ soundtrack" Some Other Ones. After relocating to California, DeMarco recorded the quieter, more introspective full-length This Old Dog, which was released in May 2017. The following year saw DeMarco issue Old Dog Demos, a 15-track set that featured demos on the A-side and instrumentals from This Old Dog on the B-side. ~ Fred Thomas

Duncan, British Columbia, Canada
Apr 30, 1990

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