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About Mad Max

During their unremarkable run through the 1980s, Münster, Germany's Mad Max recorded four albums of pretty pedestrian and cliché-ridden heavy rock: 1982's eponymous debut, 1984's Rollin' Thunder, 1985's Stormchild, and 1987's Night of Passion. The final three of these were released by Roadrunner Records, which put up with the band's incessant personnel turnover for almost four years before giving up and dropping what proved to be the final Mad Max lineup of vocalist/guitarist Michael Voss, guitarist Jurgen Breforth, bassist Roland Bergmann, and drummer Axel Kruse in 1988. The group immediately splintered, but wound up reuniting in the year 2000 to record a comeback album, aptly named Never Say Never, and again in 2006 for the more confusingly titled Night of White Rock. ~ Eduardo Rivadavia