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New York indie rockers Man on Earth draw from a myriad of influences -- from Radiohead to U2 to Pink Floyd -- when conjuring their so-called "introspective and experimental rock spectacle." Really nowhere near as pretentious as it sounds, their heartfelt, wide-open debut album, 2004's ironically named Disposable Sounds for the Fickle Mind, finds bandmembers Steven Nathan (vocals/guitar), Ron Ferrante (guitar), Myles Ouziel (bass/piano), and Alex Giacari (drums) hooking up with independent Forward Thinking Records. The Man on Earth EP appeared in 2006, followed by Something Better a year later in 2007, The Time Spent Wondering in 2009, and the impressive Things They'd Never Believe in 2011. A compilation of early recordings, In Case You Haven't Heard, was released in 2012, just as the band began recording a follow-up to Things They'd Never Believe. ~ Eduardo Rivadavia