French glitch-pop trio Margo was comprised of vocalist Mélanie Massons, guitarist/electronicist JF Lecoq, and bassist Jérôme Naslin. The group formed in the late '90s, while various members worked in creative vocations like art instruction and fashion design. Eventually, The Catnap, their debut, dropped on Peter, I'm Flying!, a tiny imprint based in Rennes. The album's charming mixture of innocent melody and quietly surging, low-power IDM was a hit among fans of Lali Puna and the Morr Music label, and soon The Catnap had been licensed by Tsk! Tsk! for distribution in the U.K. and America. Live, Margo mixed its music with visual art, integrating film and video into performances and often modeling clothes of the band's own design. ~ Johnny Loftus

    Donegal Town, County Donegal, Ire
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    Feb 6, 1951

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