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Radio and recording personality Mariano Osorio is far from satisfied just to be the longest-running radio talk show host in Mexican history, a social trail blazer, and a multi-platinum recording artist. Like Mexico's take on Oprah, he is all of those things. When he began hosting Hoy con Mariano on Mexico City's Stereo Joya radio station, his nation was experiencing serious upheaval, including the assassinations of Luis Donaldo Colosio and José Francisco Ruiz Massieu and the event known as El Error de Deciembre (which caused hundreds of thousands of Mexicans to lose their homes). Though some thought it pretentious, Osorio programmed book readings, inspirational reflections, and social discussion alongside music. His efforts to uplift his fellow Mexicans in a difficult time did not go unnoticed. His message resonated with an enormous audience, making him one of the nation's most popular radio hosts. The demand for Osorio's hopeful commentary and reflections became so great that he began releasing them on CD. With five volumes on the market under the name Reflexiones, Osorio has sold better than 350,000 units, donating all proceeds to local charities. In the portion of his program entitled La Narracion, Mariano has read an average of 25 books per year to his listening public. Inspired by the success of the Reflexiones series, Osorio released the first in his new Las Narraciones de Mariano Osorio series in 2006, Francesco: Una Vida Entre el Cielo y la Tierra, written by Yohana Garcia. Osorio's first book, Mariano en Tu Vida, featuring thoughts and exercises to nurture its readers, sold better than 75 million copies in its first year on the market. Osorio was named by Lideres Mexicanos magazine as one of Mexico's most influential voices. With better than 12 years on the air and a successful book and discography to his credit, Osorio continues to express ideas and opinions that influence millions of fans on a daily basis. ~ Evan C. Gutierrez

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