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A Dutch rock band with a boerenrock style, Mooi Wark broke through to mainstream success in the mid- to late 2000s with hit singles like "Idioot" and "In de Blote Kont" and Top Ten albums like Bok 'm d'r Op! and Rock & Rodzooi. Founded in 1992 in Drenthe, The Netherlands, the band was originally comprised of Bert Koops (vocals, guitar), Henk Oosting (bass, vocals), Arjan Elting (drums), and Bert Hoezen (guitar, vocals). With the exception of frontman Koops, the Mooi Wark lineup underwent numerous changes over the years. There are over a dozen former bandmembers, as drummers, bassists, and guitarists all came and went. Mooi Wark made their full-length album debut with Zwoegen In't Heuj (1992), followed by Zo Plat As Wat (1996) and Kieken Wat 't Wordt (1999). None of these albums was particularly successful from a commercial standpoint, nor were the follow-up albums Gang op de Ket (2001), Only Rock 'n' Roll (2003), and Smeer (2004). Nonetheless, the band had enough of a following to keep itself afloat during these lean years. The payoff came at last in 2006 with the breakout hit single "Idioot" and the album of the same name. The follow-up album, Bok 'm d'r Op (2008), spawned another hit single along the same lines, "In de Blote Kont," and was the first of the band's full-length efforts to reach the Top Ten of the Dutch albums chart. Ninth album Rock & Rodzooi (2009) likewise reached the Top Ten and featured a couple hit singles, "Tepels Liegen Niet" and "Warkende Helden." The mainstream success continued with X (2010), the band's first Top Five album, and its hit singles "Goeie Been, Verkeerde Bed" and "Doar Heb Ik Schijt An." ~ Jason Birchmeier

Drenthe, The Netherlands

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