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An electro pop/glam group formed in Madrid in 2004 by Mario Vaquerizo, Juan Pedro, Miguel Balanzategui, and Susie Pop, Nancys Rubias are tightly associated with Fangoria, as Vaquerizo is both Alaska's husband and Fangoria's manager, and Nacho Canut writes all of their lyrics. Plus, they often tour and perform as Fangoria's supporting act. Conceived at the spur of the moment as a novelty act/inner joke, Nancys Rubias take their ironic obsession with kitsch, androgynous sexuality, bubblegum punk, and disco to the point of self-parody. Predictably, this well-connected concept band has a heightened media profile, and its albums and singles have proved quite popular. The group's hedonist fun suffered a massive blow with the suicide of Susie Pop in 2008, but Nancys Rubias rebounded with 2011's Ahora o Nunca, their fourth and best-selling album to date. ~ Mariano Prunes