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About Natalie Walker

Indiana-born singer and songwriter Natalie Walker first came to prominence as part of the group Daughter Darling. While her time in the low-key, electronica trip-hop outfit was promising, Walker decided on a solo career, and released her first album as such in 2006. Entitled Urban Angel, the album was produced by the duo Stuhr (Dan Chen and Nate Greenberg), and made minor waves commercially, but it was a pair of songs from the full-length that helped to bolster Walker's career, one of which -- a remix of "Quicksand" -- was featured in the Sofia Coppola film Marie Antoinette, while another -- "Circles" -- made it to television, featuring in an episode of Grey's Anatomy. Her follow-up, With You, was released in 2008, and also featured production by Stuhr. Walker returned in 2011 with her third full-length album, Spark, featuring the single "Uptight."~ Chris True


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