National Eye

The lo-fi experimental outfit National Eye came together in 2002 while each member attended college in Colorado. Jeff Love, Doug Kirby, Richard Flom, and William Baggott were given a four-track recorder by a friend and almost immediately the foursome found themselves obsessed with it. Various noise collages and field tapings soon evolved into what was becoming a band. A move to Philadelphia solidified things somewhat; Gianmarco Cilli joined the quintet for the Project Project. Recording songs and playing live consumed the new five-piece; however, things weren't gelling as anticipated. They chucked the Project Project for the National Eye moniker, and New York indie imprint Feel Records signed the band in 2003. The Meter Glows marked National Eye's debut in November. Roomful of Lions, the band's debut for Park the Van, followed in fall 2005. ~ MacKenzie Wilson

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