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Hailing from Seattle, Washington, Navvi were an electro-pop duo known for combining accessible pop-laden melodies with reverb-drenched soundscapes, and haunting electronic textures with production techniques akin to that of U.K.-style dub and contemporary alternative R&B. Made up of vocalist Kristin Henry and producer Brad Boettger, the two met after they were introduced through a mutual friend. Henry had just left another band and was going through a period of musical writers block and, after having encountered Boettger, the two felt the idea of turning new corners and starting a fresh project together was a good one after they had begun compiling playlists for one another and exploring different genres together. Initially approaching the project with a minimal sensibility, the pair drew on Henrys familiar folk-pop leanings and Boettgers guitar skills and began to build a new sonic palette for themselves. The result was a mixture of heavily synthesized dark pop with ethereal electronics, endlessly detailed soundscapes, and soothing vocals. Navvi released a number of singles (one of which, entitled "Speak" was a collaboration with Kitsuné) before putting out their first official EP, // (pronounced "Two") in late 2014. The release met widespread acclaim, particularly from Seattle-based radio station KEXP, which praised the acts sonic dualism and ability to maintain a fresh approach to familiar styles and forms of electronica. Word spread quickly online of the duo's refreshing and enticing electro-pop and crystalline productions, and their fan base increased among listeners and critics alike. Navvi spent most of 2015 refining and further exploring their sound while writing, recording, and producing their debut full-length. The record, titled Omni, was released in the summer of 2016 through Hush Hush, and earned the pair further praise and positive reviews. The electro-pop duo also began rehearsals and started performing nationwide later that year. ~ Rob Wacey

Seattle, Washington, USA

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