Taking their name from the axis of the central nervous system, Neuraxis hail from Montreal, Canada, where they belong to a fraternity of bands (Gorguts, Cryptopsy, Kataklysm, etc.) characterized by an intense brand of technical yet melodic death metal. Guitarist Steven Henry founded Neuraxis in 1993, and after adding vocalist Michel Brisebois, second guitarist Felipé Quinzonos, and bassist Yan Thiel, the group soon began performing with the aid of a drum machine until human percussionist Mathies Royal was found in 1995 -- around the same time as new vocalist Maynard Moore. A harbinger of many lineup changes still to come, their entry allowed Neuraxis to start working on their debut album, 1997's Imagery, with Kataklysm guitarist Jean-François Dagenais producing, but only Henry and Thiel still remained by the time the group cut its sophomore effort, A Passage to Forlorn, in 2001. The good news was that new members Ian Campbell (vocals), Robin Milley (guitar), and Alex Erian (drums) stayed put for the band's third opus, Truth Beyond..., released the next year.

Unfortunately, this modicum of stability wouldn't last beyond Neuraxis' European tour of 2003, and after indulging in a few side projects (most notably Milley's collaboration with former Quo Vadis members Arie Itman and Remy Beauchamp in a band called Jester), the members of Neuraxis welcomed new drummer Tommy McKinnon for the sessions that spawned their third long-player, Trilateral Progression, in the fall of 2005. This was widely heralded as their most mature and consistent release yet, but naturally, change was on the horizon yet again -- this time taking shape with founding guitarist Steven Henry's shocking departure in January 2006 (soon to be followed by longtime vocalist Campbell), casting serious doubts about the band's future in many fans' minds. Just as they had before, though, Neuraxis simply set about the business of finding capable replacements in frontman Alex LeBlanc and guitar player William Seghers, and then recorded 2007's Live Progression to break them in. The revamped group then proceeded to sign with Prosthetic Records and release the fourth Neuraxis studio album, The Thin Line Between, in 2008. ~ Eduardo Rivadavia

    Montreal, Quebec, Canada

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