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Formed from the ashes of the beloved Sarah Records band the Field Mice, Northern Picture Library reunited the group's frontman Robert Wratten and keyboardist/vocalist Annemari Davies, who together pursued a more ambient, trip-hop-flavored aesthetic than in their former incarnation. After releasing a handful of tracks under the name Yesterday Sky, Wratten and Davies formed Northern Picture Library in 1993 after the addition of drummer and fellow Field Mice alum Mark Dobson, soon debuting with the EP Love Song for the Dead Che; the full-length Alaska followed that same year, and in early 1994 the trio returned with the EP Blue Dissolve. After one last single, "Paris," Northern Picture Library disbanded in the wake of Wratten and Davies' romantic fallout; the former resurfaced in 1996 with the LP Her Handwriting, a solo project issued under the name Trembling Blue Stars. ~ Jason Ankeny

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