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An unapologetically Christian-themed pop-punk band hailing from the north shore of Oahu that claims the frequently nude and even more frequently rude blink-182 as their primary musical influence might seem highly unlikely, but that's a fair capsule description of Hawaii-bred, Southern California-based Olivia the Band. Olivia the Band consists of singer, lyricist, and bassist Reed Cromwell, lead guitarist Justin Abilla, rhythm guitarist Gabe Watts, and drummer Christian Perreira, childhood friends from Hawaii who formed the group in 1995 while still in high school. Taking their name in honor of Abilla's sister who had died in infancy, Olivia the Band relocated from Hawaii to San Diego, CA, after graduating and signed with the Christian label Provident Records. Debut album Olivia the Band was released in 2005, followed in 2006 by Back to Friends Where Summer Never Ends. Olivia the Band's third album, Where We Come from It Never Snows, was released in early 2008. ~ Stewart Mason

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