Out Hud

Since their 1996 formation in the Bay Area of California, Out Hud has played a complex but danceable brand of indie rock with debts owed to disco, dub, and post-punk. Prior to their 2002 debut album for Kranky, the group released a number of vinyl-only singles and EPs (for Red Alert, Dead Turtle, GSL, and 5 Rue Christine), built a small word-of-mouth following through their live shows -- which often caused otherwise sessile indie rockers to dance -- and relocated to New York. The group consists of bassist Nic Offer, cellist Molly Schnick, guitarist Tyler Pope, and drummer/vocalist Phyllis Forbes; they are also aided by mixing board operator Justin van der Volgen. Offer, Pope, and van der Volgen share membership in !!! (pronounced "chk chk chk") as well. Let Us Never Speak of It Again, the group's second album, was released by Kranky in early 2005. ~ Andy Kellman

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