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Originally brought together when Static Radio's Mike Santostefano and the Arteries' Jamie Morrison decided to perform a show of Nirvana covers at Gainesville, Florida punk festival Fest 10 in 2011, the duo was eventually joined by drummer Mickey Erg to form Pale Angels. With both Santostefano and Erg living in the U.S. and Morrison residing in Wales -- and all three members giving time to their other band commitments -- it wasn't until February 2013 that they headed out to New Jersey to record what would become their debut album. Produced by Ben Greenberg -- whom the band contacted after hearing his work with Brooklyn outfit the Men -- Primal Play saw Pale Angels successfully bring together their love of early-'90s alt-rock with their punk backgrounds. With the band now a full-time project, the trio headed out on tour at the end of 2013 in support of the album, taking in a show at Fest 12 where it all began, and performing throughout Europe. In mid-2014 the group announced the release of the live EP Strange Powers on Specialist Subject Records and continued to tour the U.S. and Europe. ~ Rich Wilson

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