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Self-proclaimed "swamp metal" ensemble Parabellum first crawled out of the Everglades' murky depths (or Pensacola, FL, to be exact) in 1995, but it would take a slew of demos and almost a decade of work before their uncompromising amalgam of Southern sludge (Crowbar, Eyehategod, etc.), American doom (Saint Vitus, Sleep, etc.), and bayou hardcore (the seminal Acid Bath) found its way to the masses via 2004's Stainless LP. By then, vocalist Shane Reneaux (formerly of Oregonian punkers Defiance), guitarists Jeremiah Hatcher (ex-Rotfest) and Jason Davis, bassist Todd the Viking, and drummer Ben Poffenberger had logged in endless miles of touring with metal acts as diverse as Soilent Green, Incantation, Malevolent Creation, and Nile. ~ Eduardo Rivadavia