About Plunky Oneness Of Juju

Based around saxophonist James Plunky Branch, Oneness of Juju was the second incarnation of the Afrocentric creative jazz group Juju who recorded two albums for the Strata East label in the early '70s. Along with new members and new instruments, including the introduction of a drum kit to the African and Afro-Cuban percussion section, a new name was adopted to reflect the direction of the group. While Juju was often compared to Pharoah Sanders and active in the loft jazz scene in New York, Oneness of Juju incorporated more populist R&B elements and introduced vocals to the new group sound as well. The sound of this incarnation, more akin to the Ohio Players and Kool & the Gang at this point, was documented on two recordings, 1975's African Rhythms and Space Jungle Luv in 1976. Ever-evolving, smooth jazz and hip-hop were incorporated in the '80s and the group continued as Plunky & Oneness.

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