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Hailing from the greater Boston, MA area, Point of Ares present an unusual blend of hard rock, prog, and punkish sounds all utilizing literary types of words as their lyrical basis. According to the band their name "represents their vision of the sweeping majesty and power of the rock genre." Ares, as used in the name, is the Greek god of war. The band is the brainchild of singer/bassist Karen Michalson. Michalson got the impetus to put material from her fantasy literature to music so she took up bass playing and singing and took the steps of starting the band. She even created her record label, Arula Records. Michalson recruited her husband Bill, a guitarist and engineer. Drummer Ryan DesRoches was added to fill out the group. They released their first CD, Enemy Glory Darkly Blessed on October 31, 1996. The recording, with lyrical structure based on Michalson's fantasy series of the same name, began to garner the group attention. On the first day of 1999, they released their second disc, The Sorrows of Brave Apollo, and their spotlight grew. ~ Gary Hill

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