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Although Project Jenny, Project Jan describe their own music as "electro karaoke," the most obvious point of comparison is the synth pop era of Sparks, circa Angst in My Pants. Keyboardist Sammy Rubin is the Ron Mael figure, standing stoically behind a bank of laptops and sequencers while the brashly outgoing Jeremy Haines sings often extremely funny tunes about losing the negatives to those dirty pictures of your girlfriend and the glories of those cheap buses that run between Boston's, New York's, and Philadelphia's Chinatowns and only occasionally burst into flames on the Interstates. Elements of Beck in his cut-up electro mode and the good-time trash of Danish duo Junior Senior come to mind as well in these mashups of seemingly every electronic-based musical style of the preceding four decades. Rubin and Haines first appeared with Project Jenny, Project Jan's self-titled, self-released debut EP in 2005. The full-length debut, XOXOXOXOXO, followed in 2007. ~ Stewart Mason

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