This indie band originated in Liverpool, England, in the late 80s and adopted the heritage of harmony pop in the vein of the Byrds. Rain was initially notable by dint of having three good harmony singers to back up their Rickenbacker guitar sound. Ned Clark (guitar, vocals), Colin Murphy (guitar, vocals), Martyn Campbell (bass), and Tony McGuigan (drums) formed the band at the Merseyside Trade Union Community And Unemployed Resource Centre in Liverpool, set up with a £100, 000 grant. Their original locale was the severely depressed Huyton area, but eight months later they were signed to CBS Records and worked on album sessions with Nick Lowe. After a debut single, ‘Lemonstone Desired’, they courted controversy with the provocative nudity featured on the cover of ‘Taste Of Rain’. Their sole album was honed by months of rehearsal with guest appearances by Green On Red and blues musician Joe Louis Walker. (NB: not to be confused with the Manchester-based band of the same name featuring Paul Arthurs, Tony McCarroll and Paul McGuigan, who later found fame with Oasis.)