Ramesses, from Dorset, England, owe their very existence to a desire for revenge. For almost a decade, Ramesses founders Tim Bagshaw (guitar) and Mark Greening (drums) constituted the rhythm section of legendary doom trio Electric Wizard (Bagshaw was the bassist); but when years of growing strife finally led to the duo's acrimonious sacking/quitting (depending on who you ask) by bandmate Jus Oborn in late 2003, their new course was set. Within days, the pair had recruited bassist/vocalist Adam Richardson (ex-Lord of Putrefaction, Thy Grief Eternal) and begun working on their own psychedelic doom/sludge vision, premiered on 2005's We Will Lead You to Glorious Times EP, and reprised soon thereafter via 2007's Misanthropic Alchemy LP. In the interim, Ramesses had criss-crossed the U.K. on a 2006 tour with Sourvein (another jilted lover in the aforementioned drama, having lost guitarist Liz Buckingham to Electric Wizard), and spent 2008 supporting their debut full-length with appearances (and a few no shows) at major European metal festivals. In 2010, the trio returned with a second album entitled Take the Curse. ~ Eduardo Rivadavia

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