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About Reclinerland

Reclinerland began in 1997 when Michael Johnson left the moderately successful American Girls, the band he co-founded and played in for three years. Johnson decided he wanted to start an "anything goes" kind of pop band. Since then, Reclinerland has employed a rotating cast of musicians to help satisfy the musical whims of Johnson.
In 1999, Johnson moved to New York City to plunge into a music scene different from that of the Pacific Northwest before returning to Portland, OR, in 2001. Since the release of their first album in 1998, Reclinerland has appeared in clubs such as Schubas in Chicago, the 12 Bar Club and the Garage in London, CBs Gallery in New York City, and the Alladin Theater in Portland, OR.
Johnson has released three albums under the name Reclinerland: 1998's self-titled album, Reclinerland (on the Expanding Brooklyn label); a second self-titled album, this time on Hush Records; and an eight-song EP (aptly titled EP) on Lelp Records. Reclinerland finished recording its fourth album in 2003.
Johnson's genius for bringing people together has allowed him to work with a variety of musicians. Reclinerland's third album, EP, shows both of Johnson's musical sides: the singer/songerwriter alone in his basement with an acoustic guitar as well as the full-on, full-band power pop sound. Johnson was joined by drummer Anthony Georgis and bassist Pat Gamble for the recording of EP, as well as Chris Streng of the Stratford 4. ~ Laurel Greenidge

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