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About Reo Cragun

Hip-hop artist Reo Cragun made an immediate impression with his early works, which established him as a performer unafraid to make a personal statement with his music. Born and raised in Vancouver, Washington, Cragun was no stranger to hardship as a child. His father was behind bars through most of his youth and adolescence, and he was raised by his mother and an aunt. A dedicated student, Cragun hoped to become a doctor, and his dream seemed to have become a possibility when he won a college scholarship to study biology. However, circumstances beyond his control forced Cragun to drop out of school, leaving him with an uncertain future. Yet he was also a talented musician and vocalist who in his childhood learned a new instrument every year, and was proficient on piano, guitar, violin, and trumpet. Cragun was working at a Costco store when a co-worker introduced him to a friend with aspirations in the music business. Cragun's new friend assured him that he could find success if he relocated to California, and he was right. Cragun moved south to Los Angeles, and in December 2016 he released his first single, "Inconsiderate." Partly sung and partly rapped, "Inconsiderate" was a musically cool but emotionally raw tale of romantic and personal disappointment, and it became a hit. In 2017, Cragun continued to impress critics and fans with more singles, including "It's Over," "Pesos," "Falling," and "Lost," all leading up to the release of his debut album, Growing Pains. A follow-up EP, Craig, dropped in early 2018. ~ Mark Deming

Vancouver, WA